"Jane is a very skilled dom who has a very mean and wicked streak. She loves humiliating and hurting subs. Jane is the real deal. She is young, slim, beautiful, charming, and wicked all at the same time. You don't obey her just because she tells you to...you obey her because she deserves it....She is a Goddess. She has very few limits when it comes to tormenting a slave. I will definately be back....many times."
- retired kinkster / Review after session

"I called this line not expecting much but what I found was the best first call and possibly the best call I've had ever. Every part of the call was good and Lady Jane knew exactly how to get into my head and i loved every minute of it"
- im umbrella / Feedback after Niteflirt call

"my session with You was absolutely perfect. i was super impressed with how You handled the session. Your demeanor is controlling but relaxed, and You did such a fantastic job of putting me at ease. Interactions like these can often be so forced and so awkward, especially if the Domme isn't particularly good - but i felt like i was dealing with someone who i've known for a while, and it was all very easy and comfortable. and Your voice is just so smooth and sweet and gentle - it makes it even better to be humiliated! plus Your feet are just perfect. absolute perfection, i feel so honored to have been allowed to submit to them, even if it were just online. thank You so much for such a wonderful experience! i really enjoyed every second of it."
- asian_kink / Email quote after a cam session

"Thank you for the session and the chance to meet you! I hope next time you & I can push myself further into submission. I want to make you proud. the smothering and golden....those 2 things were awesome Mistress and your 60 second game sounds perfect right now on this rainy night. I'm sure you can picture the smile on my face right now, I love your sexy ass!!" 
- heelslave22 / Fetlife quote after a session

"Mesmerizing eyes. Lips to enthrall. Beautiful Woman."
- peterprinciple / Fetlife quote after a session

"Beautiful and controlling in all the right ways. The way your perfect curves look amazing in everything you wear. You've guided me through some very rough times and it's appreciated very much. You are able to quickly recognize the tone to take with me. All I dream of in this world is to make my wife and kids happy and proud of me and you were able to help me on that path to do just that. Not letting obstacles get in my way of success. Thank you very much for everything you do, i worship you Lady Jane. At your perfect feet thank you."
- Princess / Correspondence with a personal slave

"I harbor a deep desire to submit and am honored and humbled to be accepted as Lady Jane’s submissive.  I look forward to a mutually beneficial D’s relationship built on trust, honesty and guidance as I learn to be the obedient, disciplined submissive uniquely trained by Lady Jane."
- Moose / taken from a personal slave's blog

"Something about you that I cannot isolate that gives you the ability to make me feel like a little boy. With a simple few words or a piercing gaze I suddenly become that little boy. After earning your last couple of rebukes I find myself feeling a strong need for your approval. The importance of earning a smile or a simple 'good boy' from you now lies constantly in my mind."
- Ducky / Correspondence with a personal slave

"5 star goddess."
- slave4y0u / MFC comment