jane's expectations:

  1. My desires should be your top priority. 

  2. If you want to discuss a fantasy, start with my amazon wish lists.

  3. Don't start a conversation with 'Hi, How are you, Where are you from' etc etc.. BORING! Be interesting (your fetishes, our mutual interests, your availability) and to the point or don't contact me. I'm here to dominate not to find pen pals.

  4. Always scour LushDemon.com for answers before asking me simple questions.

  5. If we are to meet, be timely and scentless. I have scent free toiletries, pre pasted toothbrushes, and other essentials available so there is no excuse for smelling unclean OR as if you doused yourself in cologne just before walking in my front door.

  6. Any suggestion should be in the form of a polite request.

  7. If you cannot tribute or meet me, you can still interact on multiple forms of social media and promote my content. if you do neither - don't address me for any reason.

  8. Even those who are "not submissive" should always be polite.

  9. Don't ask me if I accept Paypal or amazon gifts as tribute (the answer is No. (I accept tribute through Bitcoin and Gift Rockets to DemonGoddessJ@gmail.com)