j is for juicy, j is for jane

I'm a Lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetish Enthusiast who has been offering

pro Domme style meetings since 2014. I enjoy using my natural gifts of

insight and empathy to create a safe and immersive space to explore kinks

and fetishes. You can find Me on Insta, Twitter, Niteflirt, Tumblr, iWantClips,  Fetlife and MyFreeCams as DemonGoddessJ

Name: Goddess Jane​

Favorite Kinks: *I specialize in foot worship, corporal punishment, CBT,

heavy bondage, hypnosis, and humiliation.* I also enjoy findom,

spit fetish, beatdowns, SPH, degradation, shopping trips, boot worship, ignoring, ASMR, denial, feminization, and trampling.

Hobbies: hiking with My dog, shopping, cosplay, slave training,

gardening, cooking, TRAVELING, salmon fishing, reading, DIY,

fine dining, and behavior modification to name a few.