J is for juicy j is for jane...


I'm a Lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetish Enthusiast who has been offering pro Domme 

sessions since 2014. You can find Me onFetlife, Instagram, TwitterNiteflirt, Tumblr

iWantClips, and MyFreeCams as DemonGoddessJ

Name: Lady Jane Lilith.

Favorite Kinks: impact play, findom, spitting, leather bondage, foot worship (size 6!),

toilet showers, degradation, beatdowns, shopping trips, boot worship, ignoring, ASMR,

 forced fem, giantess, hypnosis, and trampling to name a few.

Hobbies: hiking with My dog, shopping, cosplay, slave training, gardening, cooking, TRAVELING, salmon fishing, reading books, decorating and redecorating My house + dungeon, did I mention shopping?, and behavior modification to name a few.